Muscle Milk Benefits

Muscle Milk benefits surpasses other muscle building supplements thanks to their unique formula. Take a look at the an explanation of the muscle milk ingredients and how Muscle Milk will help your reach your muscle building goals.

Creatine GCC
Your body naturally makes creatine but with Creatine GCC you get an extra boost of support.

Cytosport has developed a unique method to increase the product of creatine in your body and as many know muscle use creatine as energy. By taking muscle milk your body produces more creatine then it normally does. This means that your body is creating it’s own supply of creatine except your getting more of it. The ingredient in Muscle milk, Creatine GCC, takes out the toxic homocysteine which is bad for growing lean and healthy muscle.

The Best and Natural Anabolic Protein-Amino Blend.

Muscle Milk isn’t literally milk from muscles. The name was given becuase the creators wanted to find a supplement that worked like mother’s milk, which contains a high amount of proteins for healthy growth. EvoPro is packed with complex proteins, peptides, and amino acids that helps your grow muscle tissue faster just like a mother’s milk helps a baby grow. EvoPro contains alpha and beta micellar caseins, a-Lactalbumin, lactoferrin, glutamine peptides, and more.

Get Lean with Healthy Fats

Human milk makes it own type of fat that aid leanness while saving energy in the body. This also triggers thermogensis which helps the protein and amino acids to be used for muscle growth. LeanLipids also help your body retain minerals that are essential to muscle contraction and these lipids are also a great source for serious athletes.

Muscle Milk Benefits Overview:

- Creatine GCC – Increased Anabolic Creatine Output
- Micellar Proteins – Stimulate Muscle Synthesis
- LeanLipids – “Designer” Fats Promote Leaness
- Growth Peptides – Boost Nitrogen Balance
- Complete A-ß Caseins, Peptides, & Lactalbumins – Trigger New Growth
- Lactoferrin – Increase Oxygen Delivery
- Secretory IGA – Fight Overtraining
- Zero Lactose

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