Is Muscle Milk Bad for You?

Many people who are interested in using Muscle Milk often ask themselves: is Muscle Milk bad for you? Is muscle milk healthy? Here at Muscle Milk Nutrition we think that it is important and intelligent that you research on the muscle building supplement that you are interested in using. As with every new supplement that comes in the market it is always questioned and investigated.

With Muscle Milk many people are concerned with the high amount of fat that it contains. While some people comment that the fat or ingredients in Muscle Milk is unhealthy this is actually untrue. Muscle Milk only contains safe ingredients, but lets take a deeper look.

The fat used in Muscle Milk aids your muscles to help them burn off the unhealthy fat and feed them the protein they need and this type of fat is also converted into energy to help you improve your performance during your workouts so you can get ripped. Of course the fat in Muscle Milk isn’t the unhealthy fat that you find in unhealthy foods, that type of fat is different and not helpful at all for your muscle building goals.

However, because of the high amount of protein in Muscle Milk it is best used as a meal replacement and it works even best if you are trying to gain weight and gain lean muscle mass. If you are going to use Muscle Milk it should be used along with a proper muscle building workout.

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6 thoughts on “Is Muscle Milk Bad for You?

  1. donna silvert

    I have tried your product 2x & gotten a horrible migraine both times. I read the ingredients & am trying to figure out what would be causing that reaction. I think I have had a reaction to tyrosine in the past & definitely nutrasweet and soy are triggers. That’s why I was using whey.

    I have previously used PermaLean with no problem. Just wondering – b/c I wish I could have used the Muscle Milk.

    (I didn’t over-use. I had 2 cups within 4 days.)

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Donna, I understand your concern however it may or may not be the protein shake or you may also experience headaches when you eat protein rich meals. I’ve heard of many users who get headaches from drinking protein shakes in general. Many times it is recommend to take some carbs with the protein shake. But you also may be due to a certain ingredient in the protein powder. In some cases experiencing headaches when taking a protein powder may be due to a blood pressure problem, if this problem continues with other proteins then consult with your doctor.

  3. Michelle

    Hey Donna, if your getting headaches from muscle milk products, I can almost guarantee it could be from the sucralose. Its really not good for your body especially if eaten as much as it can be these days with all the “diet” foods and drinks. I would try msucle milk “naturals” it is made with stevia instead and is what I drink.

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